What's the Big Deal About Stainless Steel..?

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Stainless Steel Art | Nicholas Yust

by Eric Waddington

The Growing Trend of Steel Wall Art...
Nothing says 'Ultra-Modern Home', 'Contemporary Office' or 'Modern Decor' like stainless steel. Cincinnati metal art sculptor Nicholas Yust is a master of steel and other metals, creating critically-acclaimed modern steel artwork and contemporary metal wall sculptures for clients around the world. Adding a piece of steel wall art to a contemporary home or office brings a fresh new vibe that attracts attention and showcases your modern flair.

So what's the big deal about Nicholas Yust's stainless steel artwork that makes it so impressive?

  • Industrial appeal, powerful yet elegant essence: a lot of the feedback we get suggests that Nicholas's steel artwork has an interesting combination of powerful masculinity and comfortable elegance, which seems to resonate with modern/contemporary decorators, and certainly with business professionals as well.
  • Obvious skills: when you see a Nicholas Yust original in person and up close, the consistency and balance of the grind patterns seem absolutely impossible - too organic to be machine made, yet too flawless to be handmade. Truly a spectacle to behold...
  • The man is an expert! Nicholas has over a decade of experience working with stainless steel & metals. Prior to becoming one of the world's top metal artists, he was a metallurgical engineer in the aerospace division of a little company called GE / General Electric...
  • Signature steel grind patterns: Each piece features decorative grind patterns that Nicholas himself has developed and perfected over countless hours behind his air-powered die grinder.
  • Contemporary flair and modern design: Nicholas Yust's steel wall art leads the metal art industry in contemporary and modern design, thanks to his unique combination of skills, and his progressive eye for design.
  • Stainless Steel vs Aluminum: Nicholas often prefers Aluminum art over Stainless Steel art as it is lighter weight, responds a bit easier to the grinder, has a whiter/crisper finish in the grinds (rather than a slightly grayer reflection) and tends to be more economical. Since they look very similar to the naked eye, Nicholas typically recommends aluminum, unless you are trying to specifically match some stainless steel kitchen appliances or something.
  • Indoor/Outdoor application: both stainless steel and high grade aluminum can be used outdoors without rusting.

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