New Releases | Metal Art by Nicholas Yust

Over the years Nicholas has come up with literally thousands of artistic designs - most with sheet metal (aluminum, steel, copper, bronze) as the primary medium, but some with wood, tubing, acrylic, and other synthetic materials. Many of these designs stick around and make it into his regular gallery, but others come and go, never to be duplicated or heard from again... Thus is the life of an original piece of experimental art. That being said, we like to post Nicholas' latest designs here to showcase his new releases and give them an opportunity to own one before a decision is made to include it into the gallery, or remove it entirely. Generally these are the first of their kind, with the potential of becoming the only of their kind...

The two primary components of Nicholas' metal art that he typically experiments with are grind patterns and coloring techniques. (Scroll to the bottom to read more...)

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Metal Grinding Patterns

The thing that always catches the viewers' eyes when they see Nicholas' metal art for the first time is the creative grind patterns. Copycats have come and gone, and will continue to come and go, however none can duplicate the intricacy, precision and impossible balance that Nicholas produces. This is a reflection of a few traits that Nicholas has: he is incredibly intelligent (with a Masters Degree in Metallurgical Engineering), a natural artist, a perfectionist, and he controls and directs his power tools with unbelievable grace and precision that allows for flawless reproduction and perfect artistic symmetry, all done by hand, time and time again. That being said, when Nicholas does create new patterns and textures for his metal art line, we post them here on the New Releases page and look for your feedback.

Techniques for Coloring Metal

The most common question we get from aspiring artists is, "How do you paint like this on metal??" Although Nicholas does keep most of his techniques proprietary, he likes to encourage truly aspiring artists to do the same thing he has done: experiment, trial and error, and just have fun with it. Although he has been doing this for over a decade, Nicholas still experiments regularly with new coloring techniques to find cool new combinations and textures that he can incorporate into his gallery. Some of his designs use acrylic paints, some use heat-tints, some are applied with pressure sprayers, some are applied with other (very different!) techniques, etc. Once again, as he comes up with new colors and painting techniques, he posts the latest designs here on our New Releases page - often times on sale for discounted prices.