• Sea Breeze - NY0764
  • Sea Breeze - NY0764
  • Overall Dimensions: 50W x 36H in. (12W x 36H per panel, 1" spacing recommended between panels)
  • Medium: Original Metal Art
  • Technique: 100% Hand-Crafted. Etched aluminum panels, airbrushed acrylic paints, high gloss clear coat
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    Item Number: NY0764

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    Sea Breeze is a gorgeous coastal painting that Nicholas created for the 2016 American Craft Show in Baltimore, Maryland. It consists of 3 aluminum panels with linear, wavy, and even cloudy grind patterns behind airbrushed acrylic paints and a high-gloss clear coat. This piece was an instant hit at the show, and was without question the piece that received the most praise (and oooh's and aaaah's) from buyers at the show! Perhaps the most impressive element of this design is that the artistic craftsmanship can be easily seen and appreciated up close, but the farther the viewer backs away from the panel, the more it looks like an enhanced photograph of a beautiful seaside, beach scene.